West Midlands ParaClimbing Comp 2015

wpid-wp-1434407331910.jpegI recently attended the first West Midlands Paraclimbing comp at Wolf Mountain. I was very excited for the event was a chance to practice some comp climbing before the Paraclimbing series in a few months, on arrival we were met with a friendly welcome and also a very open mind to as how the comp should be run. Several things that I really liked about the comp was the wide range of routes for all disabilities rather than just the standard one route suits all feel of the other Paraclimbing Comps.. Also the use of the IFSC disability classification which are much more specific. A wide range of abilities turned up from more experienced comp climbers such as John Churcher who organized the event (well done on that) to a few first time competitors who did really well.

The first route was a nice jugy route and with a few tricky moves for some of the newer competitors, a good way to start off. The second route was the harder route with a few crimpy moves at the top and a difficult move over a volume half way up. The final route was a nice cruise route up a slab with good holds and most of the competitors topped this.

The boulders were wellf set and fun with medium difficulty. The first boulder a nice climb up to the last move where it got a bit tricky. The second boulder was a nice easy slab climb which most people topped. The third problem posed more of a challenge and not to many people made this one.t

The presentation came round and everybody won something. Overall the day was fun and a bit of practise for the Paraclimbing series.

Thank you to Wolf Mountain and looking forward to the next one.     

June 8th, 2015 by