August 3rd, 2016 by Matthew Phillips

Sorry there has not been a blog post for a while but we are now in the middle of the competition season for the GB ParaClimbing Team and things have been very busy. Those who follow my social media may remember that I did some filming a few months back. Well I was not allow to say anything then but now I can reveal what it was all about, if you do not already know.

I am in the new Channel 4 We are the Superhumans advert which has been playing in the lead up to the Paralympic in Rio. If you have not seen it yet them you can watch it here. Watch at about 2.20.

I was contacted months ago by a Channel 4 researcher who found my social media. They asked if I was prepared to be considered to take a role in a commercial. Interested I said I would. After a few weeks I was contacted again and they said that they wanting me to take part in the advert and arrangements started. It was a complex process with the local authority having to grant me a Emplyment licence and my school having to authorise time off. They also wanted me opinion’s on the venue they selected and what they wanted me to do.

On the day of filming I was picked up by a Chauffeur driven car and taken to the White Spider Climbing Centre. On arrival expecting to be met by a couple of people and a camera I was faced with half a dozen articulated lorries who had taken over the adjacent business unit car parks and a crew of about 50. There were wardrobe wagons, control wagons, catering wagons and inside equipment galore. 

It was quite an experience and despite a lot of hard work having to repeat the iMovies time and time again I had a brilliant time and I hope you like the result in the advert. 

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