November 26th, 2016 by Matthew Phillips

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Font is known as one of the great bouldering area’s. The vast expanse of the forest means that multiple trips are a necessity.

I got my first experience of Font was, a few weeks ago, when I headed off with some of the Surrey Summit squad for a week under the coaching of Robin O’leary and Freddie Nash. The first day was travelling to Font on the Eurotunnel in the back of Robin’s dad’s very spacious van alongside Sam Jenner. On arrival at our holiday cottage, better referred to as a Gite, we all took some time to enjoy the quite luxurious games room and enjoy some Disney movies suggested by Sam Croft before heading out to go on a walk at Apremont to have a look at some of the boulders. We then returned to the Gite for a meal specially prepared by Freddie the chef and then we went to the Gite that the older kids were staying in which wasn’t quite as nice. After a bit of fooling around we turned in at about 1am after our first day in font.

The next day the weather was grim. So we headed instead to Arkose, a massive indoor bouldering wall for a bit of a coaching session. Where we also ran across Andrew “yorkie” York and some of the Vauxwall squad also on a trip to Font. We proceeded to have a few coaching workshops and then headed back to the Gite. happy.

The next day the weather look much better and so we headed to 92.5 where the boulders looked to be the driest. After a fun warmup I got my first taste of Font sandstone which I found was great fun. A few easier problems were tackled that day but the only thing of real note is Le P’tit Toit (6b) a fun traverse on slopers on the edge of a roof made famous by the video “worlds angriest boulderer”. I am happy to say it went second go.

The next day we went to Roche Aux sabotage. Where I did my first 7a!!! After a few other problems we left for the day..

The next day was a rest day where we went into the town and to the Palace.

The final day we went to Apremont. Where we all had a go on science friction an absolute classic. After that I tried a few more 7a’s then we left hopefully to return one day.

A short bit of climbing in the morning before we left for the euro tunnel. After a long trip home we got back very tired but happy with a good week day.

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December 28th, 2015 by Matthew Phillips

2015 has been a fantastic year, a number of first’s and some big achievements. For Matthew climbing has taken off and 2016 looks to be even a bigger year. But to reflect on few key events of the past year. Read more of this article »

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