March 6th, 2017 by Matthew Phillips

I am a relative novice when it comes to climbing films having only watched the classic stone monkey before this point.

However I was fortunate enough to go along with Robin O’Leary and Sam Jenner to watch the premiere of the climbing film Reach in Shoreditch. A small audience of stars from the film including the likes of Matt Cousins and Louis (aka Captain Cutloose), and friends gathered in the cinema after some words from Dave Pett on the film we settled in to watch the film.

This is the part of the blog were I turn into some snub nosed film critic sorry. The film was a look at many different types of climbing from bouldering to sport climbing to trad and soloing as well. The film gave some very interesting look at the elements of climbing and how the youth of today treat the history of climbing.

My favourite part of the film was the exploration of hard soloing with Matt Cousins starting on the southern sandstone and leading all the way up to his solo of Gaia the ultra classic trad route. Another thing that was looked at was sport climbing with Neil Gresham and Jim Pope at Malham.

Overall the film was a great exploration of climbing in all its various aspects. I would definitely recommend a watch when it comes out on Epictv in the next few days. For more information on the film you can check out their Facebook page .

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December 4th, 2016 by Matthew Phillips

Back in October myself and my GB colleague Isabella Walsh spoke at the Reach Charity Conference in Glasgow. Reach is a national support charity for children with upper limb difference. It was the first time either of us had spoken in public and the audience consisted of about 140 parents and older teenagers. A daunting thought.

You can find the complete talk here and in my video section under Public Media.

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