Matthew’s training, coaching and attendance at competitions would not be possible if it was not for the generous support of his sponsors and supporters.

Thank you to everyone, especially the following:

Scarpa UK   




Just Kampers

Just Kampers, was established in 1989 and, is a well-known brand in the Campervan industry. Principally a supplier and manufacturer of parts for VW’s it caters for vehicles from the early beetle right through to the latest T6. As well as supplying mechanical parts, it also holds a full range of conversion parts and camping and leisure products. Their aim is to allow those of you with a passion for adventure the most wonderful way of travelling to and staying in the places that allow you to realise those dreams. They are inspired by the outdoors and the people that enjoy their passions within it.

We are exceptionally proud to sponsor Matt and have the pleasure of knowing him personally. We have been continually inspired by Matt’s attitude to training, competitions and his ability to move past and control fear. He stands out as a talented, dedicated and confident climber who we are sure will go from strength to strength. We are honoured to support him over the next year and wish him every success.

Just Kampers supports Matthew cover some of his competition costs for the year.

Dark Ventures

​​​​​​​We are a small company run by climbers based in Sheffield looking to bring new and great products to climbers and climbing walls in the UK and Europe.

At present we are the UK distributors for Blocz, BluePill, Unit volumes and holds. and Unparallel climbing shoes, Rhino Skin Solutions and Wave Tool. 

Climbing is our passion and we aim to bring you more great products.

Dark Venutres supply Matthew with Rhino Skin products and Climbing Tape.

Epic TV

EpicTV was developed in Chamonix, France, by a multinational crew of climbers, filmers and stoke mongers with a few common goals: to inspire you on your next adventure, and create the ultimate online community. In addition to our award-winning videos and our team of pro climbers representing us around the world, our killer online shop has everything you need for climbing, including the best selection of climbing shoes in cyberspace.

3rd Rock Clothing

Our Mission 

To design and create the best, most comfortable & long-lasting products, while causing no unnecessary harm.

Our Environmental Responsibility

– We ONLY use Organic Cotton – See: why organic is better

– We use Recycled fibres, saving plastic bottles and carpets from land-fill sites and conserving virgin resources.

– We Up-Cycle pre-loved and surplus fabrics, giving them a second chance at life & wasting as little as possible. 

– We print with water bases phthalates-free OekoTex certified printing inks. 

– Our Earth Collection raises awareness about environmental and human rights issues and donates to organisations that help to improve the situation.

– We source locally – Our clothing is made in Lithuania, Turkey, Portugal and Israel. Most of our fabrics are from within Europe and our t-shirts are printed in Wales.

– We believe in transparency, traceability and ethical practice in all areas of our production.

– We label our products with swing tickets that are certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FCS) which means the paper comes from responsibly manages forests. 

– We use recyclable and upcyclable paper sacs for our web-shop packaging

Check out their clothing

3rd Rock Clothing


Scarpa UK

Scarpa produce a range of performance footwear catering for lifestyle, approach, trek, mountain, climb and ski activities. Based in Asolo, Italy Scarpa have been producing hand made boots since 1930 and continue to lead the way in product development with new exciting models and collections continuingly being unveiled. Scarpa has been owned and operated by the Parisotto family since 1956 who remain at the forefront of the business. 

Scarpa have a wide range of climbing shoes which are constantly at the cutting edge of both design and performance. You can view the full range at www.scarpa.co.uk

Scarpa support Matthew with both climbing and approach footwear.


DMM Climbing

DMM designs and manufactures premium quality climbing and height safety equipment. Founded in 1981 by four climbers it’s not by accident that it is located at the foot the Llanberis Pass in north Wales, with world-class trad climbing on its doorstep.

Manufacturing hardware under one roof, from concept and testing to production and delivery, means that at every stage along the way we can pay the required stringent quality control and attention to detail, to ensure an all-around safer and better product.

A sense of community has always been part of what makes climbing special and by supporting grassroots climbers like Matthew it’s our way of giving something back to the sport that is such an important part of our lives.

Friction Labs

We are a group of experienced climbers who realized that quality chalk, like a quality climbing shoe, makes a big a difference on the rock. After rigorous testing on and off the rock with the some of the best climbers in the world, we developed a proprietary chalk product that, like a down-turn climbing shoe, truly gives every climber that extra edge toward success. That’s why we truly believe #chalkmatters!

Boot Bananas

Designed by model maker Alex and her partner Phil, a climbing instructor, Boot Bananas were born out of their battle to banish the stink of Phil’s smelly shoes for good.

We fought the funk

Smelly rock climbing shoesWe’d just moved into our first flat together and the smell of Phil’s climbing shoes had become a problem he could no longer hide. We tried everything on the market to deodorise them but nothing was up to the challenge. So, putting our best feet forward, we decided to fight the funk ourselves.

It’s…a banana!

Alex making Boot BananasWanting to avoid any synthetic chemicals, we perfected our own powerful blend of naturally deodorising salts and minerals. Alex got to work designing the optimum shoe-friendly shape, and when combining this with yellow fabric, had her ‘light bulb moment’ and Boot Bananas were born. Once Phil’s fruity-footed climbing friends had rigorously tested the Bananas, our little South London flat became a hub of lavender-infused activity.

Fruits of our labour

Phil and AlexOver the following year we hand-made nearly 8000 Boot Bananas from home, before teaming up with a factory to create a dedicated manufacturing process. Learn more about the ingredients that go into Boot Bananas.

Phil & Alex

(Text from BootBananas.com)

If you would like to sponsor or support Matthew a young Para-climber and World Champion then please complete the contact form here

My Climbing Resume – Matthew Sponsor Proposal.

My Professional CV – Professional Climbing CV


December 19th, 2016 by Matthew Phillips