ParaClimbing Series 2015 comes to an end

Saturday 5 December saw the last round of the BMC ParaClimbing Series 2015 held at the Manchester Climbing Centre. As all the familiar faces gathered and I met up with old friends a few new faces were also amongst the competitiors.

1st in Round 4 and Series

This series has been good, the first time I have attended all 4 rounds but the atmosphere at each one is always friendly and supportive. Whilst we were checking out the routes there was advice being shared and discussions taking place even though we were all competing for those podium places.

Most of the climbs looked OK, but the climb 3 gave me some concern as there appeared to be a lot of small crimps at the top which were also on the wrong side for me. None of the other routes appeared too concerning.

As the competition started I tried the first climb, for some reason I felt a little uneasy about this one despite it being a slab it had some small holds near to the corner edge of the wall. As it was no need to worry as I topped it without much issue. Next a boulder problem and again not real issue and another flash. 2 more boulders both flashed and on to the 2nd climb. I decided to try the nasty climb 3 with the small crimps. This one went well and despite my concern about the crimps it turned out to be one of the easier. The final climb was also a flash. Another 486/486 for round 4.

In Action

In Action

As the presentations loomed the competitiors gathered for the results of this round and the overall series. Congratulations to all the winners of the various categories, both of the round and series. I came 1st in the round and 1st in the series. I also got a special mention having a series perfect score.

This series has been good and I look forward to the next one, who knows climbing may even be an Olympic sport by then and we may be faced this a large increase in competitiors. Bring it on!

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