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May 15th, 2020 by Matthew Phillips

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December 7th, 2017 by Matthew Phillips

I have long wanted a climbing wall at home in order to train on as and when I wanted. This idea developed and expanded and now I have ended up with a home climbing training wall, professional treadmill and fingerboard.

A few of my friends started getting home walls built in their garages, garden or lofts. I felt that the ability to train when I liked would be great and starting looking at how and where I could build my own wall. I purchased some pre-drilled boards for home walls and they arrived with a few basic holds. I looked at various designs and websites and costed a simple A frame type wall pree standing at the bottom of the garden. The cost of the wood still made it quite expensive as it would have to endure all weathers. This is where the idea stayed for over a year.

Fingerboard installed above door

In the meantime I obtained a fingerboard and installed this across the door from our kitchrn to the conservatory which use to be the external wall to the house so was substantial enough to hold it. Next came the treadmill.

Professional Treadmill

Obtained from ebay at a fraction of the cost of a new one. It’s functionality includes incline settings, pulse monitoring, various program sets, fully recorded activity logs and ipod dock. It’s great for those long dark, wet evenings when running outside is unpleasant.

Climbing Wall in open position

With the purchased climbing wall boards clogging up the shed we looked to building the wall, in a flash of inspiration we thought about the large conservatory we had and if we could build the wall in there. We looked at the design and decided that any wall if possible would have to retract against the wall when not in use. We then contacted a local company Folly Patterns, a patternmaking, joinery and carpentry company whom visited and came up with the design. They

Locking in up position

  Locking Bar in place

Locking bolt in down position

proposed a metal frame on which the boards would be mounted and hinged at the bottom so be stored vertically. when in position two horizontal bars would be pinned in place to provide extra strnegth and safety.

Folly Patterns made the metal frame off-site and then brought it in on the day of installation. It took them a day to install and make sure that it was safely bolted to the wall and that safety chains were fixed. On completion the wall look great but bare. A quick post on my Facebook Page asking if anyone had any old holds resulted in offers from various friends. We now have more holds than we know what to do with giving us the chance to reset the wall more often. Particular thanks to the generouslity of Matt Cousins and Freddie High amongst others.

Climbing Wall down and in use

Thanks too to the Douglas Bader Foundatiuon who’s grant help finance the wall and make aan idea a reality.

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June 21st, 2017 by Matthew Phillips

I believe that sponsorship in sport is a partnership and should benefit both parties. So I was pleased to be able to attend my first Justkampers Open day last weekend at their premises in Hampshire. 

Making our way to the Just Kampers, one of my main sponsors, premises found ourselves out in the middle of the Hampshire countryside down some very narrow lanes. The constant stream of VW Camper vans providied a clue we were on the right track and we shortly arrived in the car park. The open day was the 10th they had put on and has grown every year. Now a large event raising money for Cancer Charities. 

On one of the hottest day’s of the year so far the field was full of people admiring the oldest to the most modern VW Camper vans as well as a vast choice of assessor its and gadgets to make that climbing trip more comfortable. Looking around the camper vans I began to see why being sponsored by Just Kampers makes perfect sense being a climber. The ability to drive up to the bottom of the crag park up and set up your camper right there. Pop the roof up, pull out the beds and sticky he kettle on for a cup of tea and cook your dinner. Then to wake up to mountain views and roll out of bed straight on to the crags is a dream. Do a days climbing jump in your camper van and drive to the next crag. 

Being at the Open day also let me meet the staff and say thank you for their support. Unfortunately, we did’nt stay for the evening open air cinema which featured my own advert before the feature. However, I will post it when it appears on YouTube.

If you need any parts or accessories for your camper van or you have a conversion project on the go then please check out Just Kampers at  . They have an extensive range of products and free UK delivery for orders over £35.

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