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September 2nd, 2018 by Matthew Phillips

Please enjoy my Vlog of the Innsbruck Training Camp I attended thanks to Boost Charitable Trust.

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March 22nd, 2018 by Matthew Phillips

This year saw changes to the GB Paraclimbing Team selection process. The BMC National Paraclimbing Series 2017still ran its 4 rounds during the year but it is not longer the critical factor in deciding the team for the following year. This year a new event was created the ‘GB Paraclimbing Selection Event’ and ran on 24 Feb at Awesome Walls alongside the British Open Youth Competition.

The aim of this event was to allow paraclimbers to specifically try out for the team using IFSC style routes and regulations as well as harder grades. The first event was well supported and proved to be successful although I would say needs a few tweaks regarding timings.

Shortly after the event the new GB Paraclimbing Team 2018 was announced, most of the team last year made it back on this years team with a number of new climbers getting selected for main team and for the development team. The team’s first training day was held at The Quay Climbing Centre, in a very snowy Exeter. The new team members bonded well with the existing team and we look forward to the year ahead.

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March 27th, 2017 by Matthew Phillips

March 19th saw the first Paraclimbing Training Day of 2017. We all arrived just before opening at the new state of the art climbing centre in Wokingham, Berkshire the Oakwood Climbing Centre. For some it was the first visit to this centre but for me it’s become rather a regular hangout. 

The day started with a general chat and catch up with old friends as well as meeting the new members of the Paraclimbing Team. The new kit was handed out I particularly like the new style coat but all the new kit looks good. We welcomed the new team coach Belinda Fuller (Be) who will join Robin O’Leary in training the team.

A warm up session then on the climbing wall floor, with some exchange of various exercises used by different members of the team. 

The formal training started with each of us being set a number of boulder problems to work on recording the number of attempts we took to complete the problem. The coaches gave advice and coaching as required but also assessed everyone’s abilities and future development points. Then a break for lunch with Be scrutinising everyone’s lunch as a nutritionist as well as climbing coach, however, time for a bit of team banter round one team members converted van before it was time to get back to it.

After lunch the team members, taken a side by Be and went through a nutrition questionaire whilst others were set various tasks to complete allowing Robin to run some formal assesssment on people weaknesses and strengths.  The centre as a range of training facilities such as a lattice board, circuit board, campus. A number of team members underwent a lattice board assessment whilst others were set endurance task.s By the end of the day everyone was exhausted but all felt the day had been worthwhile and very useful.

Looking forward to the next training day this time at Awesome Walls in Sheffield.

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January 22nd, 2017 by Matthew Phillips

Oakwood Climbing Centre

I was thrilled to be invited to attend the filming of a Promo Video for the new climbing centre Oakwood near Wokingham in Berkshire recently. I have been following the progress of this centre for a while and now to have the chance to try it out before I opens was amazing. I was also interested to see if it lived up to all the hype. Well I wasn’t disappointed.

From the moment you drive into the car park you know it’s different to most other climbing centres. There is plenty of parking for climbers for a start. The centre were still having finishing touches installed and built but even that did not detract from the bright and clean look of the climbing area. There are so many features packed into this centre it has top-out boulders, auto-belays, top-rope and lead, campus boards, circuits, lattice boards and woody. It has also catered for the younger guests with a mini-climbing area, traverse and even a slide.

They haven’t forgotten the non-climber either with a lovely viewing area with large viewing window and under floor heating. Comfortable arm chairs and sofa make this area luxury compared to most centres. The cafe facilities had not yet been installed but I am sure will be up to the same standard.

All in all the centre is amazing and I can’t wait to come back when it opens. I am sure it’s going to be a huge success and look forward to being a regular user.

Oakwood Climbing Centre website can be found here

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