British Paraclimbing Series Round 3, Newcastle

The penultimate round of the series and it was a wet monring as we got on the Metro to the climbing centre. Newcastle Climbing Centre was the destination for this one and on arrival a few of the regular Paraclimbers were around. 

Centre preparing for comp

Centre preparing for comp

A group warm-up with some of the other conpetitors started the day, Now in my second year of this series other competitiors are now becoming friends and it’s good to catch up. After warm-up a look at the routes. It helps going through the routes together discussing tactics, even if we are competing against each other, its what I like about the climbing community.

The routes didn’t seem too bad although watching some on one of the climbs they were not finding it easy.

First I tackled one of the easier climbs, it was a short climb compared to some of the others. Not much a problem and flashed it with relative ease. Next I tackled one of the easier looking boulders. Again not real problems and another flash.

After a rest I tackled one of the longer climbs, this one had caused some issues for other compeitiors. It was a long climb and in a corner, a few features scattered the route and a few streches were required but after a bit of an effort another flash.

After some lunch another two boulder problems , one problem had a rather nasty feature

Another 1st for Round 3

Another 1st for Round 3

in the middle which caused a challenge but once past that a dyno to the last hold and another flash followed by the last boulder probelm and a flash for that as well.

The last climb of the day involved a series of overhangs and this was the biggest concern of the day. It was the Upper Amputee only climb and looked challenging. But, finished the day as I started with a final flash. Another full marks for this round, looking forward to the final round in Manchester in December.

Videos of my climbs can be found at here



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