British Paraclimbing Series Round 1, EICA Ratho

A delayed late evening flight was not a good start to the trip back to Edinburgh for the first round of the British Paraclimbing Series at the spectacular EICA in Ratho. We arrived in Edinburgh about 10.00pm and after a very efficient taxi rank and ride we arrived at our hotel. A quick cup of tea and then bed ready for the competition in the morning.

On Arrival

On Arrival at the Climbing Arena

We arrived early at the climbing arena and it was already buzzing with activity. As well as the Paraclimbing competition there were rounds of the British Youth Lead and Speed Championships. This I think was a very good move as it allowed Paraclimbers to show everyone they are capable of the same high standards in other competitions as most paraclimbing competitions are normally very much a closed shop with only those involved attending the events to watch. This year members of my Performance Squad were also in Edinburgh competing in the Youth Championships so it was nice to have some support.

We started with the usual welcome and team brief then it was time to look at the problems set. 3 boulder problems and 3 climbs. Looking at the boulder problems 2 did not seem to present to much of an issue. The last boulder problem had a nasty dyno which looked too far. I started with the easy boulder problem which did prove very easy. One flash in the bag. The next boulder problem whilst looking easy did have a tricky corner to negotiate but another flash. The last boulder problem was not one I was looking forward to. The dyno definitely looked out of reach. My first attempt gathered some spectators all eager to see how someone would. I climbed up and started by positioning, leaping for it I  was not going to defeat me and again in position I now knew how far it was. Another leap and yes, a cheer from the spectators and a round of applause bagged this third problem. This problem was only completed by a few competitors. All the boulders done and time for lunch.

After lunch I moved onto the climbs. Three climbs with only one attempt. First climb was a straight-forward climb with no real problems and I flashed it. The second climb on first inspection looked simple but there were a couple of tense moments but topped out easily. The third climb looked a little tricky with a few hard reaches on the second half.

1st in Arm Amputee category

1st in Arm Amputee category

The climbs were more difficult than when I was here last time but a respectable score was achieved. Enough for 1st place in the arm amputee category and 7th overall in the first round. Here’s looking forward to round 2 in London.

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