BMC YCS London & South East Region Round 1

I am not sure there has been a ParaClimber enter the YCS before said my coach Robin O’Leary. Well I did and an experience it was.

I never thought about entering. It was a competition of the elite youth who were ‘able-bodied’ and I competed in my own ParaClimbing competitions. But at squad training on Wednesday members of my squad encouraged or pressurised me to enter. ‘You can do it’ they said.

After a while I agreed and entered on Wed night to round 1 which was held on home turf at Surrey Summit. I am glad I did.

I was slightly nervous on Saturday wondering if I could do it or would I do appallingly. The bouldering did not go too well with most of them being just to difficult with only one hand. The climbs however went better. The first climb I topped out with deafening support from the crowd. The other two I dropped but was comparable to other competitiors in how far up I got.

What struck me and gave me encouragement to try was the support of the other competitiors and the crowd. It was amazing to here the comments and support I received.

Had a great time getting on some really tough problems. Its always good to see where you measure up with those who have an advantage over you. It just helps you see how good you can be.

The best bit is I didn’t come last. So to all you potential Paraclimbers out there don’t let anyone tell you you ‘You can’t’. You are as good as anyone else can be.

January 24th, 2016 by