My Achievements so far :

International Competitions 🥇7 🥈2 🥉1

Home Competitions                🥇12 🥈0 🥉0

Date Achievements Class Position
Nov 2014 Scottish Paraclimbing Competition, EICA, Edinburgh Arm Amputee 3rd
Jun 2015 West Midlands Paraclimbing Competition, Wolf Mountain Arm Amputee 1st
Sep 2015 British Paraclimbing Series 2015, EICA, Edinburgh Arm Amputee 1st
Oct 2015 British Paraclimbing Series 2015, Castle Climbing, London Arm Amputee 1st
Nov 2015 British Paraclimbing Series 2015, Newcastle Climbing Arm Amputee 1st
Dec 2015 British Paraclimbing Series 2015, Manchester Climbing Arm Amputee 1st
Jan 2016 BMC Youth Climbing Series 2016 Regional, Surrey Summit No Para 14th**
Feb 2016 BMC Youth Climbing Series 2016 Regional, Craggy Island No Para 14th**
Mar 2016 BMC Youth Climbing Series 2016 Regional, White Spider No Para 14th**
Jun 2016 IFSC World Paraclimbing Cup, ADEL Climbing Wall, Italy AU-2 1st
Jul 2016 IFSC World Paraclimbing Masters, Imst AU-2 2nd
Aug 2016 Deep Water Solo, Exeter 2016 No Para 23rd**
Sept 2016 Mountaineering Scotland Paraclimb Scotland and BMC Paraclimbing Series Round 1 2016 PG3 1st
Sept 2016 IFSC World Paraclimbing Cup, Sheffield, UK AU-2 1st
Oct 2016 BMC Paraclimbing Series R 2, Manchester PG3 1st
Oct 2016 BMC Paraclimbng Series R3, Castle  PG3 1st
Nov 2016 Blokfest, Mile End  No Para 85th*
Jan 2017 Blokfest, Chimera  No Para 82th*
Feb 2017 Blokfest, Westway  No Para 74th*
Mar 2017 Blokfest, Castle  No Para 128th*
Feb 2017 BMC Youth Climbing Series Regional R2, High Sport Brighton  No Para 18th*
Mar 2017 BMC Youth Climbing Series Regional R3, White Spider  No Para 15th*
Sep 2017 BMC Paraclimbing Series Round 1, Edinburgh PG3 1st
Sep 2017 IFSC World Paraclimbing Cup, Edinburgh AU-2 2nd
Oct 2017 IFSC World Paraclimbing Cup, Awesomw Walls, Sheffield AU-2 1st
Jul 2018 IFSC World Paraclimbing Cup, Briancon, France AU-2 1st
Jul 2019 Paraclimbing Master’s, Imst AU2 3rd
Jul 2019 Blokfest ParaFestival 2019 AU2 1st
Sep 2019 ParaClimb Scotland AU2 1st
Sep 2019 ParaSpeed Scotland Au2 1st
Oct 2019 BMC British Paraclimbing Championships AU2 1st

** competition is NOT a paraclimbing competition and there is no separate paraclimbing category.

 Other Achievements
Jul 2015 Onsight Poodle Traverse (Footless) V5/V6, Dina’s Rocks  
Aug 2015 Onsight Toxic Shock 6b, Cheddar Gorge  
Sep 2015  Winner of the Eagle Local Heroes Sports Award  Video
Dec 2015  British Champion Paraclimbing Series 2015  
Dec 2015 Joined the GB Paraclimbing Team  
Jul 2015 Featured in Channel 4 Paralympic Superhumans Trailer  Video
Oct 2016 Winner of Sport Guildford Young Volunteer of the Year  
Oct 2016 Winner of the Reach Sue Stokes Memorial Award for Outstanding Achievement 2015  
Oct 2016 Conference Presentation to Reach National Charity Conference to 140 delegates Public Speaking
Oct 2016 First V6/7a Chapeau Chinis (Haute Version), Fontainebleau  
Dec 2016 Selected for GB Paraclimbing Team for 2nd year   
Apr 2017 Send of Slopey Traverse (V5), Bonehill, Dartmoor Video
Oct 2017 First Trad route Seconded E1 / 5a Flying Buttress, Stanage Edge  
Aug 2017 Send of Green Travserse F7a, Stanage Plantation  
Jul 2018 Send of Mr Gymnasia 7a, Portland   
Nov 2018 Winner of the Sport Guildford Young Sports Personality of the Year  
Nov 2018 Passed Climbing Wall Instructor Award (CWI)  


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May 2nd, 2016 by Matthew Phillips